Insurance Alternatives

As your corporate structure continues to evolve, your insurance needs will continue to change. As you grow and your needs change, you will be presented with the option of assuming greater insurance risk by self insuring professional liability and workers' compensation risks.

The obvious and immediate benefits are:

  • Lower net cost through reduced transaction costs and access to investment income
  • Stable premiums
  • Control of the claims process
  • Exposure limited by the use of aggregates

It is clear that the benefits achieved by utilizing these alternatives can be significant. However, there are hidden pitfalls. The stability and control of risk are the foremost concern in any self-insured program. Broker involvement is imperative to the program's ultimate success. James + Gable has the experience and insurance experience to develop a program which uniquely fits your desire for risk assumptions.

James + Gable can help you develop the following programs:

  • Large Deductible and Self Insured Retention Programs
  • Captive Insurance Company
  • Risk Funding Alternatives

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